Our presentations and workshops are one-day sessions in the form of group work. They are for as many staff members and board members of your organisation as possible. We look at your organisation as a whole, establish a fundraising strategy if you don’t have one, or improve on your existing one. We dig into the murky despair that usually emerges at the mere thought of “fundraising” and accept that there is no silver bullet in the industry. Of course, there is a bright side. We outline the steps you need to follow to create sustainable funding solutions for your organisations. We answer questions like, “What is fundraising?”, “Where do you find donors?”, “What do donors want?”, “How do we hang onto donors?”, “How do I write a funding proposal?”, “What about a small donor base?”, “Why should we hold special events if they don’t make a lot of money?” and “Is there any real value in social media?”
These are game-changing sessions which will give your your fundraising efforts a huge boost, inspiring you to work in a new and much more positive way.

“People give to people”